Self Awareness & Responsibility


Being self aware is one way to get out of auto pilot but you also have to accept responsibility for where you are. What I'm hearing too often that someone doesn't have access to something or because someone did xyz to them couldn't do abc.

I'm not saying that unfair things don't happen because they do and how we may want for things to play out aren't the way they actually play out. However, we still need to accept where we are in lives.

When it comes to autopilot and why it's such a big thing is because you need to accept responsibility that at the is time you're still living on autopilot. Once you've done that, that's the only way you'll be able to make a change. Ask yourself constantly "why am I doing this?"

Previously I also discussed that people tell us this is what we should be doing and we turn around and believe it but in reality guess what? We didn't even have the time to think if we actually wanted it and it may not be what WE want to do. What it really is outside people and peer pressure that we should want these things.

People always say "when Vienna gets older she's going to go to this school and she's going to this this and this." You keep hearing that as you get older and you think to yourself "oh this is how life is supposed to be" or maybe even "let me just try it even though it's not really what I want to do." We start to to things and get into a habit of living life in autopilot.

But, is that really what you want?

Once you've realized this is what you want are you doing it in the way you want? Or more importantly if you aren't doing what you want, how are you going to make that change? Orhow are you going to figure out what you want to do? We go through life living this way because we don't know what we want and asking others "what should I do?" Can't nobody answer that for you **snaps twice** (no really jump to 4:00 if you don't believe me). Like come on now we gotta get with it. Sometimes we say "yea but I just want a suggestion." Ask someone "I'm thinking of a and b or these are my two options help me figure out what's best." You got to bring something to the table. Don't keep having people dictate your life. Think of everything, all options.

Let's stop with the "these are my only options." Use your imagination there are a million options out there. Take the time to sit and think about all your options AND their consequences. We always have more than the 2 options we think we do. It's just that we've been conditioned to only think of 2 options. If that's what you think and believe you're only going to find those 2 options. Especially when you think you're in a crunch for time. And this is a big one, people can ask you can you help me movement Sunday (let's say today is Tuesday) the person doesn't need a yes or no answer right than in there. Tell them let me think about it if you really need time to think it over and go over your schedule. A third option is "yea sure I'm available between (insert the time you're available here)."  Another answer could be "what stage do you need help in? I'm not available Sunday but I can swing by (enter day you're available here) to help you pack." Or how about "give me the address to your new place I can help unload the truck."

I know you get the point. Think of ALL YOUR OPTIONS!!

Also you need to accept responsibility for your level of discomfort. I'm gonna say it one more time. You ready?

You need to accept responsibility for your level of discomfort.

A lot of people may think I'm not where I want to be but... And that's you're problem. If you're not where you want to be then what are you doing to get there? Why are you stuck on autopilot but not where you want to be? Does that make sense to you guys? Because it doesn't make sense to me. I want to help you guys get out of discomfort. And being uncomfortable is the best thing that can happen to you. Don't think that brig uncomfortable is something that's horrible because it's not. Please understand that there's a blessing in being uncomfortable. If you're uncomfortable figure why and make the change to get out of the discomfort and autopilot. Now you're accepting responsibility for your life now and the direction you would like for it to go. If I stay on this path which you need to accept responsibility for your level of discomfort I'm not happy on I'll go completely left.... I want to go completely right. What changes do I need to make?" You' re noticing You're uncomfortable. Mate your detour. Or go around it.

I want you all to understand life doesn't come with a GPS.

Again life does not come with a GPS.

There's no right or wrong turn but there's a right or wrong turn for you. You can take a wrong turn by listening to what others are telling you to do. And if that is what you decide you won't live a happy or fulfilled life. And you only get one. why would you not want to happy? Why would you not want to be fulfilled? Your discomfort is your biggest blessing.

Take some time and let that marinate because that's all we need.

Being uncomfortable is all you need to make a change. And if you don't make a change it 's because you're comfortable living you're Current life. And again you need to accept responsibility for that because you're the only one that can. You're the only one that can make a change.

If you're not doing anything to change it. You shouldn't be complaining. Life is as beautiful as you make it.

Not knowing what you want is also ok. Email me if You need more help getting out of autopilot




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