What is progress followed by?

This video is a the second part of a two part video because I forgot to explain the title which is "Progress is followed by..." Ya know I be bugging so please don't mind me. If you haven't seen or heard this video I invite you to take a couple minutes to do so. It's a little over two minutes long.

On this particular day,I had went to Barnes & Nobles and was able to get a lot of work done. When I got home I found my son sleeping and was able to take the opportunity to keep working and keep the momentum going. Once you begin to build up the momentum on your goals, you begin to look for other opportunities to continue working on your goals.

When I got home I could've easily told myself "You know what, you've done enough today, I'll get back on it tomorrow."  I was able to transcribe older Facebook Livestreams and complete other household chores at the same time.

When you have goals and you know what they are all you have to do is start working on them because it creates a snowball effect. Each opportunity you have to work on your goal builds on each other. So if you were able to get one task completed in the morning and see you have time in the afternoon/evening to do some more you go right ahead and do that. Those are two steps you have taken which means you are two steps closer to accomplishing your goal.

PROGRESS LEADS TO MORE PROGRESS. Once you have started you look for more opportunities to continue working on your goals.

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