The Importance of Expressing Gratitude Daily and How To Do It

In the video above I talk about expressing gratitude daily and how to do it. Take a listen if you can, if not read below.

I've done my research so I'll be referencing articles I've read from CNBC, the Huffington Post, a psychology article I can't remember where I found it and an articles in Forbes.

-Most successful people practice gratitude daily. Just as an example Oprah, Daymond and Robert from Shark Tank.

-It makes you attractive. Not the hold on girl let me get ya number type of attractive. I'm talking about attracting the right people, situations and opportunities into your life.

-Gratitude is reflection. If you joined me for my consistency is key challenge, I asked you to reflect each week. But why stop there? You can and should practice gratitude on a daily basis which makes you look back at the day and speak on what you're grateful that happened that day, what worked, what didn't and what you learned from it.

-My email from from a couple days ago was all about the journey and growing pains. Not being able to express gratitude will make you believe you've done nothing. You think you're doing a lot of busy work no results but you've been uncomfortable for a while. It was a real gem. So you're not missing out make sure you join below and get access to my FREE Facebook Accountability Group.

I relate to all of this because I've been through this and still struggle with it from time to time but expressing gratitude has made it a little easier for me.

Gratitude should be expressed daily. Learn why and how here.

My #1 tip to help you express gratitude:

It helps you clear your mind to let everything out. Anything that is bothering you, hurting you or that's been sitting heavy on your heart. In your journal express whatever you are grateful for that you have NOW! Then express gratitude for what is about to come. The energy you put out into the world is a boomerang. You show appreciation for what you have you'll get more and more of it. But if you're always complaining about your hardships, you'll get more and more of that too.

The benefits of journaling:

  • You have a clear mind
  • It helps you heal
  • Eliminate stress (healthier lifestyle stress leads to illness right?)
  • Increase emotional intelligence which "is the ability to perceive and manage your emotions, and that of others. Journaling is an outlet for processing emotions and increases self-awareness,"
  • Helps you achieve your goals
  • Makes you more mindful and getting to know yourself better
  • Builds self discipline and
  • Increases self confidence: when you're feeling down go back and read your entries

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