Is the Crown Really for the Taking?

This post was inspired by a Drake song that I don't remember the name of it but in the song Drake says "the crown is for the taking, watch me take it."

I understand that in the hip hop culture we like this. We like all this competitive aggressive talk/lyrics. But this doesn't have to the be case in real life.

  1. When it comes to what you want to work on, you continue to look at competition as this is for me and not for you. Or if it's for you that means that it cannot be for me. Please understand you are operating in a scarcity mindset. When you begin to change your mindset, you have to make a switch from a scarcity mindset to a mindset of abundance. The reason why that's so important is because there is more than enough to go around. When you're so busy worrying about competition and that's all on your mind, realize that you are not in competition with anyone else. You are your own person, in your own lane. And once you're in your own lane, there is no competition. No one can compete with you and you can't compete with anyone else because you are doing what is meant for you. Once you what you want to do, do it your own way. In the words of Myleik Teele from Curlbox "I can tell you exactly what to do and how to do it, but you'll never be able to do it because you're not me." (Or something like that). Being you is your superpower. What's meant for you will always be for you. However you get there is the way you are meant to get there.
  2. Even when it comes to competition, remember you are your only competition. You are competing to be better than the person you were yesterday. THAT'S IT! It may seem a bit crazy, and you may be saying to yourself: what do you mean, I'm only in competition with myself? I'm trying to get better every single day. Which I completely understand. You try to build consistency, for example, you're already consistent doing things that may be bad for you, or things that may not help you. To make an improvement, you try to build consistency on something that will help you achieve a goal. THAT, my friend is something you have to decide to do daily. The person you were yesterday, did that person do it? Or did they not do it? You have to do what you did yesterday if you indeed did your one thing, but you also have to do more than you did yesterday. As a rule of thumb, we can always do better but we're not always going to do things at 100% with ease. Realize we are all humans, we are not perfect. That feeling of needing to take something that was for somebody else, That means it was not for you.

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