How Self Awareness Affects your Goals and How to Increase It

Self awareness allows us know/get to know ourselves, what we dis/like, our strengths, areas for improvement. Self awareness also leads to identifying opportunities for personal growth

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  1. What are my goals/Do I have goals?
  2. Is that really what you want?
  3. Ask yourself what am I doing and why?
  4. Is this going to help me meet my goals?
  5. Write your goals
  6. Reflect Daily
  7. Ask for honest feedback from people who are doing what you want to do/ are where you want to be. AND BE OPEN TO IT!
  8. Get out of firefighter mode. What are all your options? Give yourself time to think about all of them.
  9. Are you seeing a consistent pattern of things YOU CAN AVOID?! How can you avoid them?
  10. How comfortable are you? If you're Comfy, you're not growing.
    You're Discomfort is your biggest blessing if you allow it to be
  11. Yes the work may be hard but the time will pass anyway!
  12. THOUGHTS! What thoughts are recurring? Realize, Analyze, Check yourself.
  13. Seek out coaching! Sometimes you just can't go at it alone and need someone from an unbias point view. if you're interested click here to schedule your FREE Discovery call.