Accountability: It Takes a Village

I know you're probably getting reflecting on 2017 and getting ready for 2018. And if you're anything like me, I bet you're excited!!

How has 2017 treated you? What have been your best experiences and biggest lesson learned? What was you're biggest win?!

As 2018 comes creeping up on us, what would you like to focus on? What top goal would you like to accomplish? Is this a goal you've tried to work on before and gave up on?

I'm not judging, because I've been through it and yea it sucks!

Want to know the #1 reason why you may have not been successful with that goal?

You're not holding yourself accountable!

I've got a solution for you: I created The As Told by Vie Private Accountability Group over on Facebook and this sounds just like the type of thing you need! In this group you plan your week and also get the chance to celebrate for meeting your goals at the end of the week. Click here to request access.