Why You're Not Meeting Your Goals and How to Get on Track

Jump to 9:45 minute mark to jump into the good good.

As a quick recap on the video above:

  1. I was born in Honduras and had the privilege of going back this past summer (July 2017). PRIVILEGE is the first and foremost thing that keeps us from meeting our goals. While in Honduras, my father told me that just recently that all the towns in Honduras now have schools. Back in his day that students would have to WALK TOWNS over just to get to school to get a basic education. We have wifi everywhere, we have more than enough food and space nowadays but we always speak of what we don't have enough of.
  2. COMFORT ZONE: Now comfort zone is a two part point.
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  • I traveled with my brother, his wife, their kids and my brother's mother in law. And my parents were already there waiting for us. Yes I was in a crowd but I still felt by myself. My sister who is a lot closer in age (in comparison to my brother) stayed back in New York. My husband and son stayed back in New York as well. I missed the hell out of my son, seeing him through video chat was not enough! At first I was tempted to cancel the trip even though I was excited and I hadn't been to Honduras in about 5 years. And I'm not the type of person that likes going to do things on my own. But I bit the bullet and did it. Being in your comfort zone means your not growing.
  • It's not your responsibility to make others comfortable. Now don't think about this as a bad thing. Yes you will be pushing people away. But those are people that are not meant for you at this stage in your life. Not only are you repealing those people, but you're also attracting the people that are like minded. People that see your vision and not to try to talk you out of it. You are responsible for yourself, your feelings and accomplishments. No one elses.

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