100+ Self-care ideas For the Everyday Woman

As women we all take care of others. We cook family dinner, do the family laundry, clean the house, plan family vacations, etc. However, we don’t take good enough care of ourselves. We allow ourselves to be burned out at work and at home. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m here to tell you, you need to make you happy. Do you need ideas? Or how about some help trying to plan out time for self-care? I got you girl. I’m happy to be doing something I love and I can’t believe it took me this long. My happiness is in connecting and empowering you! So I took the liberty of helping my ladies out with some much needed TLC. Below you’ll find a list of 50 self-care ideas. To get the full list, subscribe! Don’t worry about budget; most ideas are free and completely priceless.



1.     Stretch

2.     Exercise

3.     Do yoga

4.     Update/create a vision board

5.     Dance

6.     Blast music

7.     Sing (like you’re Beyoncé or favorite artist)

8.     Clean the kitchen

9.     Organize/declutter

10.  Eat (healthy)

11.  Try a new recipe

12.  Make your favorite recipe

13.  Read

14.  Pray

15.  Get/do your own manicure

16.  Get/do your own pedicure

17.  Get your hair done/do it yourself

18.  Spend some alone time

19.  Spend time with your significant other

20.  Spend time with your friends

21.  Spend time with your family

22.  Take your kids out

23.  Tell yourself you’re beautiful

24.  Sleep in late

25.  Take a nap

26.  Light a candle

27.  Light an incense

28.  Take a long bath

29.  Take a long shower

30.  Focus your actions around your happiness

31.  Repeat today’s affirmation

32.  Go shopping (if you don’t need return it a few days later)

33.  Laugh at someone

34.  Laugh at yourself

35.  Eat healthy

36.  Color

37.  Write

38.  Watch TV

39.  Watch your favorite movie

40.  Listen to a motivational speech (you can find them on YouTube)

41.  Bake

42.  Watch funny videos (can be found on YouTube)

43.  Turn off all electronics

44.  Say No

45.  Go for a walk

46.  Visit a museum

47.  Acknowledge your feelings

48.  Make a plan

49.  Execute your plan

50.  Take deep breaths

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Scheduling time for self-care:

Now, I'm going to help you create a schedule for a week. For this activity all you'll need is a pen and paper and follow the steps below.

1. Write this weeks dates

2. For each day write down what self-care activity you'll be completing, what time you'll be doing this self-care activity and for how long and an affirmation that you will repeat to yourself throughout the day as needed.

This is my self-care routine-

On my way to work/home: I blast my music and sing at the top of my lungs or I listen to a podcast. Sometimes it's a healthy balance of both.

At work: I try to get to work a little earlier so I can organize/plan my day. The day doesn't always go as planned but at least I planned my day. Recently I started using the Outlook (work) calendar to put my tasks in. I get reminders and if I can't get to it for whatever reason all I have to do is drag it to reschedule the task. I also take a meal break.

I carry a notebook and pen so I can write my ideas down

I either stay up a little later or wake up a little earlier to work on

I listen to motivational YouTube clips regularly.

What’s your self-care routine? Let me know in the comments!