My Creator Made No Mistake On Me

After a long day, I was on my way home on a Friday night and jamming to Pandora with my sleeping son in the back seat. The song “Video” by India Arie came on and I just started bopping my head to the music. Now after a quick search on Google, I find out that this song came out in 2001 (I was only 11 at that time). I always liked the beat and the tone of the song as Ms. Arie’s voice is just so soothing and mellow. However I never paid attention to the lyrics until that night.

So I start to listen to the song that is just as empowering as Beyonce’s “Formation” or Alicia Keys “A Woman’s Worth.” In short India is expressing her love for herself and that she’s not the average girl in the video, she doesn’t have the shape of a supermodel but she loves herself unconditionally. I think to myself how powerful this message is and that everyone should hear it and embrace it.

We look at the mirror endlessly and pick at ourselves. We constantly point out what we don’t like about ourselves. Than we take a look on social media and TV which makes it 10 times worst. What has society done?

What’s the perfect woman?

She has to have an hourglass body with long legs, and hair down to her waist? I’m sorry not sorry but I am not her. And I don’t fit into neither of those categories. For a while I used to beat myself up over it and I learned to get it over it. I just wish it didn’t take as long as I did!

Sometimes we think about our significant others or remember when we were younger and trying to get our crush’s attention. Maybe if I was prettier, or if I had longer hair, bigger boobs, bigger butt, nicer clothes or wore make up he’d notice me. Later on in life we learn that what gets their attention doesn’t keep them! You can bend over backwards for them and they may not be happy! You can do everything in the world and they still won’t stay! And there’s only one thing you can do. Learn to love the one person that will never leave you: you. You may not be 100% happy with what you have at the moment but learn to love your process! Learn to love your indecisiveness. Learn to love you as you change.

Our daughters

With all the outlets available for everyone to be oh so opinionated we need to be careful of the messages we give our girls. We should make sure that we tell them how good they are every chance we get. It all starts at home, just like it was for me with my mother. I know it must be difficult teaching your child one thing at home and to have it be undone in a short amount of time once they start school. We need to remember that we were once kids and all we wanted to hear was how good we were doing.

We as a culture have learned to put such an emphasis on what a woman looks like that we forget to have something more than just an appearance to offer. Let’s embrace our curly hair and put an emphasis on our education and work. Honestly speaking, we are a power house and we know it. Now it’s time to remind the world, because it kind of seems like they forget.

Our men

Don’t get it twisted. I know there has to be a man or two out there that has the same issue with self-perception as we do. So it’s important that we do the same for them. Let’s tell each other that we matter. We are good just the way we are. Our boys need to know that just as much as our girls. Let’s teach our boys that there is more to a woman than her appearance and he will look for intellect and morals. And he’ll know the importance and value of a woman. Watch these father/daughter duos present affirmations!

Around the World

We must also remember how superficial we can be at times. Don’t forget about the countries that treat women as second-class citizens. These are countries where a young girl’s education is not deemed important. The countries were young girls are married off at a young age. These are countries where women are not allowed to hold in positions of power in their government or even vote. The countries where the women do not have the same rights we have but the women are fighting for the same rights. The fight is not over ladies and gentlemen! Let’s focus on what matters! And our looks are not important!

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