Six Simple Steps to Get Your New Years Resolutions Back on Track

So we’re in June and I was listening to a podcast, where they said something to the effect of inconsistency being a sign of doing something that is not congruent of who you are.

So I started trying to think about my progress (or lack thereof).  Then I have to think even harder about my new year’s resolutions. I’m thinking to myself and it hits me, “girl you don’t even remember your new year’s resolutions.”

How horrible is that ya’ll? I can’t even believe myself (shaking my head in disbelief).

In all honesty, that goes to show that I clearly haven’t made any progress. I began to procrastinate again. Not to throw out any excuses, but I fell off after the death of a very very close family friend back in January. I had trouble getting back in line. I was proud of the progress I made towards ending procrastination but I completely fell off. In April I started over but was still struggling.

Remember YOUR ATTITUDE AND MINDSET CAN TAKE YOU A LONG WAY. I decided to make a a few small changes at a time. 

First thing I did was: Check myself. It’s never too late to start.

Second thing I did: I decided to use an old journal and do just that. Journal. I was going to write every day, even though I didn’t know what I was going to write about. I looked up journaling and some people brain dump, which is just writing everything out. Others use it to plan their day or reflect on their day. Others use it to write out what they’re grateful for. Find what (and when to journal) method works for you and stick to it when you do.

Next: I picked up and started reading a personal development and self-help books. Going back to 101 self-care ideas for the everyday woman what better way to practice self-care than investing in yourself?

Finally: I decided to be consistent; because only through consistency can I become successful. Obviously that’s not an easy task for me so I did some work.

I created goals in April and labeled them my "new years resolutions" and created a schedule (step six) for myself. I became more disciplined by sticking to the schedule even though it was hard at first. I put alarms on my phone and in my calendar. I placed reminders and affirmations pushing myself to work towards my goals. I even have reminders for when I try to talk myself into 'giving myself a break.'

Ever since I've done this I have been doing so much better with consistency.

I invite you to put these six steps in practice and let me know how they have worked for you.