Dear Mami

Dear Mami,

I would first like to begin by thanking you for all you’ve done for my siblings and I. You always put us first. You dropped us off at daycare and school then went to work. When we moved, you worked part time to be able to drop us off at school in the morning and pick us up in the afternoon. You worked evenings to be able to have time for doctors’ appointments during the day. Once we were in middle school you worked full time. At first I didn’t understand all the rules you enforced at home. Living in a generation where some of us are going nowhere fast. I thank you whole heartedly.

You got your license and with papi’s help your first car. You did our hair even when it became too much for you to do alone and with no help. You were the first one up in the morning and the last one to go to sleep, waking up overnight to come check up on us in our sleep.

Mami, I want celebrate you on this Mother’s. I know I don’t do it as often as I should but I tell you I love you every time we speak.

I thank you for molding me into the person I am.

I have seen you in moments that I knew would break me, smile. Thank you for always being there for me, correcting me when I’m wrong and helping me do right.

Thank you for guiding me and never steering me in the wrong direction. Thank you for supporting my decisions and not holding back when I’ve made poor choices.

Thank you for being there for my family and opening your door to us at any time.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of me, my appearance and my respect. Thank you for your endless advice, I know you think I don’t listen but I do. I’ve heard everything you’ve ever said to me.

More importantly, I’ve seen and observed you. Thank you for that. Thank you for teaching me what a woman should be, how a woman should act and carry herself. Thank you for being the role model that you are and being someone that I was and still am able to look up to.

Thank you for being my Google.

Thank you for the laughs we’ve shared and the times you’ve told me calm down, don’t cry. It’s because of you I’ve learned the importance of thinking with a clear head in a moment where most might hesitate or act off emotion.

Thank you for empowering me, allowing me to be me. Encouraging me to stand up and speak for myself when it mattered most. Thank you for the confidence I now have.

Thank you for allowing me to continue to lean on you after all these years.

I thank God for you every day.

I have seen you wear many hats, a mother, an educator, a wife, a sister, an employee and most importantly as a woman. Now that I am a mother myself, I am learning to juggle all of it and question how you managed it all especially with so much grace. I would like to think that I’m doing a good job, but I don’t do it like you! I do not juggle all the hats you wear with the same grace as you do.