Attitude: Advantage or Disadvantage

I had a bit of an issue and had to run to back the supermarket while I was at work. I was in such a rush because as you know, the work never stops. We had a snow storm that left us covered in snow and two weeks later; the snow still hadn’t melt! So front part of the spot I was parking in was still covered in snow. I ran in really quickly and spent about 10 minutes in the supermarket.

As I was pulling out of the spot I saw an older woman who was visibly upset waving at me and I read her lips as she was saying roll your window down. So I did. This woman goes on to say that I was parked so close to her that she couldn’t get into her car. I immediately apologized to her I was really truly sorry because that was a very selfish thing to do. I explained to her that I didn’t notice and that I was in a rush because I was working. I also went on to say “it’s not an excuse I should’ve been more mindful but I thought you should know that I was in rush.” I apologized again to her.

Now when she was waving me down I didn’t know what she was upset about at the time. The moment that I apologized to her whole vibe just changed. Maybe it was the fact that I apologized a million times but she even went as far as telling me that a cashier came out and told her they think the car belonged to me as I was walking out. She replied “she doesn’t look like the type that would do that.” She even said it to me again “you really don’t look like the type that would do a thing like that” with some sort of relief that her intuition was right. I told her that I’m usually more mindful which is true. As I left I apologized and wish her a good day. I even got a smile from her.

I share this with you because I know how hard it may be to give a positive response especially if the approach is negative. If you are having a bad day, a scenario like this can easily make it worse if approached wrong. If you’re having a good day, this situation can easily turn it into a bad day if not handled right.

I invite you to check your attitude from time to time. How can you change a situation, no matter how negative it may be, with a positive attitude?