Defining Success

The video above I discuss Defining Success! If you can't watch the video right now keep reading to get the top 5 points discussed in this video.

Google defines success as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose. You set the aim or purpose.

1. Why is it important to define success?

-You live your life on autopilot if success is not clearly defined and autopilot becomes your daily routine.

-You don't work towards anything! Without success being clearly defined you don't have any goals.

-You stunt your growth. You learn something new everyday because you're taking step closer towards whatever success means to you.

2. Everyone's definition of success is different.

-Whatever success means to you is ok. There is no right or wrong answer because it is unique to you.

3. Everyone's path is different.

-We all have different starting points. Your starting point may be a deficit which is ok, in order to get to what you believe the starting point should be you just need to work harder. Easier said than done but it is possible.

-We all have to start multiple times for a number of reasons.

-Your passion and/or mindset may be different.

4. Are you afraid?

-Are you the person you need to be in order for you to arrive to your destination?

-Does success scare you? If so, good it should. If not, your not dreaming big enough. Your dreams should have you think "how am I going to accomplish this?"

5. Believe.

-Only once you have decided what success looks like for you, can you then believe in your vision.

-Only believing will you accomplish success.

God will not give you a vision you cannot fulfill. Your vision is unique to you. You are a vessel. Allow God to use you.

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