Putting Too Much on Your Plate

In this video I start with my goal overview and can be found on the Facebook page. Jump to 1:45 to get into the dangers of putting too much on your plate.

When it comes to building self discipline and consistency, the one thing we need to watch out for is putting too much on our plates because as part of Consistency is Key Challenge I was very specific on instructing participants to pick just one thing that they will be doing daily. The purpose of that is to help participants build up that consistency that will lead to building self discipline.

Putting too much on your plate is going to lead to overwhelm. One of my goals was to finish my mission statement but it had just been kicking my ass! When I thought I had the right one something just didn't feel right so I kept starting over. So I decided to put that on pause and return to it in a couple of days

Another one of my goals was to complete the outline for my Consistency Unlocked program,

You get overwhelmed because you are not focusing on one thing. I had put a lot on my plate which I tend to do but please understand that it was just a general to-do list. I get what I can get done. If I can't get it done than it just doesn't get done. I just wanted to get ONE thing done. Because I learned this, I'm going to make sure that I am more careful in the future and that I plan my days more strategically. I need to break my goals further down to make sure I don't put too much on my plate for ONE day.

Poor planning is what leads you to no doing what you need to do, not because you don't know how to do it. You might feel like you don't know but that isn't necessarily the case.

If you feel consistency is an issue for you make sure you join the Consistency is Key Challenge October.