The #1 Thing Holding you Back but you Refuse to Acknowledge

You get up, go to work and you have just enough time to get to work. You make sure everyone has what they need so they can get to their destination on time. You go to work and clock in for 8 hours and if you're anything like me you have an hour commute so you really have a 10 hour work day.

You come home and make dinner or other household chores and next thing you know, they day is over. You have wasted the whole day away working for other people especially us as women. We are known to be caregivers and nurturers. We love and continuously pour into others but we tend to forget about ourselves and that's not an ideal way to live.

The #1 thing that we we refuse to acknowledge that is holding us back on a day to day basis is the fact that we are on autopilot. And that we are on autopilot every single day. The reason why that's the worst thing you need to do and get out of it is because the minute you acknowledge it, you'll begin to realize that you can be more self aware. Being self aware is the #1 thing you need do to snap out of autopilot and make a change.

You wake up and what you did today is most likely what you'll do tomorrow. We can't afford to live that way, it's not ideal. Everyday online I see everyone talking about self care. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with getting a mani and pedi over other week or getting brunch with the girls once a month. But what about your goals? What about what really makes you happy?

I feel goals are the ultimate form of self care. Just as an example, when you're on the plane the pilot can put the plane on autopilot but the plane it's self cannot control where it's going, someone already programmed the plane to do so. When we're in autopilot, these goals, dreams and aspirations are what other people put in us. The problem with that is that, you automatically believe that this is what is going to make us happy. There's nothing wrong with those things if you truly want them, the problem is when we believe them just because someone else told us e should want them for ourselves and we've heard it so much coming up that we just started to believe it. In reality it may not be what we want because we may not have had enough time to think about what we really want. Think about, when in high school they ask what you want to do. It may depend on your religion or culture but 9 out of 10 times it's expected you go to college or go to work. Those are learned expectations, at 17, 18 or 19 years old we don't know better.

We're coasting, it may not be a bad direction but it's not something that we say we want because we haven't had time to think about. You are already setting yourself up for a life thatyou're not going to be happy living. That's why being in autopilot is something that hits really close to home for me because I've lived it for I don't know how many years. Maybe a good 3-4 years where I was doing just that. Once you're doing something you love you no longer need a break because you can dive right into it. Being in AUTOPILOT is the most dangerous thing you can do. Going in that direction will lead to not having a fulfilling life.

Living in autopilot so long you'll start to believe that this is the way it's suppose to be. Mindset is key, when you tell yourself that this is how it's supposed to be, you'll start closing out other opportunities to see and do things differently. It all comes full circle and you may think being in autopilot doesn't apply to you when in reality it applies to you 100%.

Yes you have to do your one thing everyday but that one thing is for you to decide. It has to be something that makes you happy. It'll be difficult to do things intentionally if you don't know what you want. Make that one thing something you love, reignite that fire and passion you once had. Things that you tell yourself, you don't have time to do. Try to take 10 minutes to do it. Start to be a kid again to relearn how to be happy and have something you can do on a daily basis. You'll start to see a change within yourself.

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