The #1 Reason Self-Discipline is an issue for you


In this video I talk about the #1 reason why self discipline is an issue. We're not being consistentis definitely an issue, but not making decisions in a timely manner is an even bigger issue.

We tend to do what we think might be the easier thing to do but in reality it's not. I know someone that wanted to lose weight and they went to gym everyday which was working. But shortly after 2 weeks it became easier for them to decide to not go to the gym. It was easier for them to just stay home and chill or they weren't in the mood.

It's very difficult for us to do things that we're not used to doing. It's very difficult for us to remind ourselves of the motivation we need as to why we should just do it.

What works for me is that I know I'm not just doing this for me, I'm doing this for someone else.

We've all seen the video with Taraji in which she had just won an award and she stated in her acceptance speech she said she was told that she was too old when (again) she made the decision to move to LA to pursue her passion for acting. She was with her toddler and only $700 in her pocket. It's not an easy decision to make and as a parent she was thinking what do I need to do for me and my son/daughter. I wouldn't want to get up and go somewhere where I don't know anyone but I do need to take this risk, this leap of faith. I know I have this amazing talent, I know that I can help someone and obviously help myself. I'm gonna take this leap of faith no matter how scary it is. I'm going to do this because I know that once it pays off, it's not only going to benefit me, it's also going to benefit my toddler.

The first step and decision you take, along with your why. Your why matters because it's going to be your motivation and what fuels you. If you don't feel like doing something you might just have to force yourself to do it. However, after you make the decision to do something and get it done, it'll become a habit that you no longer have to struggle to do. It'll shape you into the person you need to be in order to accomplish this goal.

We all struggle with self discipline and consistency on a day to day basis, every single one of us. But once you make that hard decision the first time, you make it easier and easier each time you need to make it.

This is what starts the process to meet your goals. You start to do things that are in line and consistent with your goal. You start looking for ways to get things done. It's something you're passionate about and something you need to get done.

You're 2 options always going to be:

  1. to do it
  2. not to do it

We tend to meet our goals if we put it out there. It's all about consistency.

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