How to Break Your Goals into Daily Actions

First things first:

1. Set a specific goal with a date! Nothing is worst than just saying you want to do something but have no idea when you'll get it done by. This creates urgency and tells your brain it's important.

2. Get your mind right, which is ongoing. Find the right people. The people you have around you now may not be the people that will help you get to the next step in your destination. That's fine we need to learn that we all have a purpose in others lives. It's ok to check in on people occasionally. You don't have to cut them off completely.

3. Make a list of all your action items. Right now all you want to do is brain dump. Don't worry about the order. At least not yet anyway. Give yourself enough time and re-visit the list if you need to to continue to add other action items but DON'T let not having all the steps on the page(s) stop you from moving onto step 4.

4. Prioritize. Which of all the steps you listed will become your 'milestones?' Out of everything on that page, which will help you measure your progress? Pick out anywhere between 5 to 10 milestones (this number depends on the goal and where you're starting from).

5. Complete Daily Action Items. Remember all the action items you listed in step 3? All you need to do is plug those in, in between your milestones. What makes your goals a bit easier to accomplish is that you've already thought about what needs to be done in advance. You just have to plug them in and focus on get AT LEAST 1 thing done everyday. If you forgot a step, no biggie add it where it belongs and keep it pushing.


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