Return on Investment: Be Patient, It All Takes Time

I just want to give everyone a little word of encouragement because I know that we don't always think that we are worthy.  Sometimes we start to lose patience because we are trying and trying and we're giving it at all, giving it our best for what feels and seems like forever.  We don't see the results immediately. It takes a lot of time on our behalf when it comes to our goals. It takes time for things that we don't know or think we want.

Sometimes we think that just because we do or want something all of a sudden it'll come. That's not how it works, we have to put a lot a lot of work behind it. The reason why I am saying this is because we think trying to put everything into a project and not seeing the return we want. It's going to take a lot of time. Sometimes we just have to be able to weather the storm and get ourselves ready because we may not get it as quickly as we think we'll get it.  

Going off my personal experience just as an example. I always wanted to work (and I have a degree) in School counseling. I want to be able to help kids while they're in school be able to focus on creating a life full of learning. Making sure that education does not stop right after they graduate the 12th grade. So I have been working in the field of working with and supporting people with disabilities for about 5 years. I started by providing direct care then I started working in multiple clinical roles. I graduated with my degree in 2015 and now in 2018 I have the opportunity to work in a school.  My degree was a four-year masters degree (yes 4 years undergrad and another 4 years graduate degree) which started in 2011. So from 2011 all the way to 2018 I was just preparing for this new role that I'll be starting in a couple of weeks.

I'm still passionate about working with and helping women live purposeful lives and creating a plan to make it happen. However, I also feel like this new career will be a stepping stone that will better prepare me to support women.

Just know there is no such thing as an overnight success. Whatever you want, you have to put the work behind it. You have to show up for yourself every single day. If you say you're going to do something then do it because you can't expect others to do for you when you don't do for yourself. If you say you want something then put the work behind it. You can't expect people to just do the work for you, offer to do the work or help you if you don't do it for yourself.

Yes, you may not have seen the return on the investment as quickly as you wanted, but have you seen any return at all? Anything that may have been unexpected?  Maybe someone that you work with gave you a compliment? Maybe you haven't gotten the promotion you've been looking for but they're acknowledging what you have done. That gives you a little bit of motivation and lets you know that you're on the right track

Vienna SacazaComment