The #1 Reason You're Not Meeting Your Goals

In this video I spoke about the #1 reason why you're not meeting your goals. 

  • You're making a WISH not a goal! Be specific, concrete and add a deadline to it. All this one day talk is nothing but fluff. You won't know what it takes to make a goal happen, you'l get frustrated because you don't know what you need to do or how to use your time effectively! A GOAL is concrete, specific and measurable.
  • A plan=system. frustration comes from not knowing where to begin. You can break a bigger goal down even further. A plan allows a system to how you will work on this goal that is specific to your life. This actionable item is accomplished and now I can move onto the next actionable item.

Now let's get something clear. A plan is just a guide, a road map, just like a the GPS on your phone. Once the GPS has your starting location and destination locked in. It will give you choices on how to get to your destination. Having your roadmap created does not mean that it will work out according to that plan but if something comes up (like the many roadblocks of life) you will not be thrown completely off course.  The important thing is for you to know how to get there. Even if you need to move things around at another time.

  • You don't have a clear why. Be honest and transparent with yourself. Why do you want to work on this goal? For me the hardest goal I'm working on is building my business. Shortly after giving birth (maybe 3 weeks after), I wanted to change my career and I was not getting the results I wanted after maybe 6 months of job fairs and interviews. I only had 12 weeks with my newborn. I wanted more time for him. Having to wake up early, drop my son at my parents house (who lived an hour from home), drop my husband off at the train station (he worked in the city) then a 20 minute drive to work. After getting out of work, I would go to my parents house, wait for my husband because I didn't want to get home, settle the baby in and then have to leave 20 minutes later to pick up my husband. 

That is my #1 why.

But also I wanted to be able to live a lifestyle in which I give back to the community but working a 9-5 will not afford that. I need to create that myself.

Now I want you ask yourself: What is your why?

  • Also your Privilege and Comfort Zone will stop you from meeting your goals. Over the summer (2017) I went to Honduras and my father told me that when he was a kid other kids had to walk TOWNS over to go to school. Not college but elementary school K-6 or 8. Here in the states we have access to a lot more than people in Honduras that we DON'T take advantage of it. And we should. there are so many people that would kill to be in our position.
  • Your comfort zone is when you say "I don't feel like doing something." You think that working on your goal will take you more energy than not. That same hour you sit watching TV you can use to read a book. 
  • The main reason why you're not successful in not meeting your goals is because you don't have a plan.

Here are just a few reasons why you need to have a plan:

  1. It gives you a roadmap and it allows you to make a couple changes as needed
  2. How much thinking goes into something you know you need to do. all the thinking is eliminated for you. you plan everything out in advance.

And for those reasons I have a master class on How to Plan 90 Days in an Hour coming up May 9th at 9 pm. Sign up below

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