The 8 Changes You Need to Make to be Successful

Technology wasn't working for me so I have 2 videos for you. 

These changes are important, not only is it mindset work that is needed but also about getting help from the right people and giving you the right tools and strategies to make the right moves.

  • Stop Making excuses:

    • Your excuses do not stop you unless you allow them to. Now don’t get me wrong. Theses things may slow you down BUT they will not stop you if you don’t allow them to.

    • Use the appropriate language: stop claiming broke! That’s negative, Myleik put this up on her IG story on monday. Say it’s not in your budget is something you are proactive about, being broke is something you are reactive to.

  • Focus on Your Abilities, not your fears or circumstances

    • Not trying to do everything just because you can figure it out.  I struggle with this from time to time. I have to do better at delegating and be ok with it!

    • Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by doing or trying to do everything

    • Keyword: FOCUS. That is your one thing!

  • Prioritize

    • Stop doing busy work. Work on what will move you forward!

  • Keep your plans to yourself

    • Don't tell people this grandiose goal and not work on it! People will see you as the one that always says she gonna do something and never does it. You lose creditability. Others won't believe you but what's even worse is that you stop believing in yourself. And you can't afford that right now

    • When you put your goal out there, ask yourself why are you putting your goal out there?

      • Because you have something to prove, they probably don’t really care anyway!
      • Do you need accountability? If so, are those people disciplined themselves?
      • it's perfectly fine to have multiple accountability partners as long as that's their end result something similar to what you want.
  • Be committed to seeing it through

    • Don’t give up, especially after only working on the goal for a short period of time. The definition of short can and most likely will vary depending on the goal you are working on.

    • Find a way to tweak, pivot and adjust where and when necessary. What works for others may not work for you and that's ok. Find what works for you and go for it!

  • Set a deadline

    • If not you’ll never work on it. It's like working on a report/project in school. You'll definitely hand it in by that deadline to get points.

  • Write down your goals

    • When writing it down (with pen and paper) it triggers something in you. It helps you better remember it.

    • Pair this up with your vision board an putting it where you can see it daily... you're UNSTOPPABLE!

  • Create a plan

    • Creating a plan eliminates all the thinking because you did the thinking in advance.

    • The thinking is where we lose valuable and precious time!

    • Also it allows for more flexibility because you can make switches as necessary, you WON'T lose momentum and stay on track!

    • Learn how at the How to Plan 90 Days in an Hour Masterclass on May 2018 at 9pm EST. Sign up it below! Also if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I want to make sure all your questions are answered at this Master Class.

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